THANKSGIVING TRIVIA CARDS | bet you haven’t heard these ones


thanksgiving trivia cardsHere we are, so close to the day!

I don’t doubt your entertaining skills, but why not throw out these Thanksgiving trivia cards to help you inform and entertain? Everyone loves to read random useless facts that don’t pertain to daily living, right? That’s right! These facts also might be a great emergency topic for those desperate times when you realize you have nothing to say to your Uncle Ted. After you discuss the weather, of course.

You can laminate these to keep them in good shape (you can still cut on the lines after), but do whatever you want! I searched for some good ones that I’m guessing you probably haven’t heard before. Take a look for yourself…

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You can also download my THANKSGIVING PLANNER PRINTABLES here.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and enjoy your naps, if you’re lucky enough to get one!

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