Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review | realistic with swatch comparison

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review | realistic with swatch comparison

While it seems that everyone is claiming the Tarte Shape Tape concealer as their new HG, this girl had her doubts.

Not only do I have stubborn dark circles, I also have the sunken-eyeball look to top it off. No concealer can defeat such vast shadows, but if I can at least address the coloring, it’ll be considered a victory to me.

These babies are now sold in 10 different shades, and have been sold out of mine, light-neutral (light w/ yellow and pink undertones), since the dawn of time. Finally, after signing up for email notifications and clicking the link immediately, I caught one! Here I am, one month later, with my final thoughts.

shape tape light neutral swatch

I’ve swatched it next to two popular concealers that I normally reach for, just to give you a comparison for color. The concealers have partially dried in the photo.


The product itself feels luxurious thanks to the thick glass bottle and golden cap. It and holds .34 fl oz and has the largest doe-foot applicator I have ever seen. This dual-purpose concealer is also intended to be used for contouring, so the tapered applicator makes it easier to precisely sculpt out your features. More on that later.


Full-coverage indeed… If you have ever tried Hard Candy Glamoflauge, it should give you an idea of how potent this concealer is. You certainly don’t need to use a lot to get the job done. It even worked on my dark circles (yay!). I still have the shadows, but with the right lighting I can see that this is the most effective concealer I’ve yet to find. I was even able to skip my Bobbi Brown color corrector underneath. Of course, any time you can get rid of another layer of makeup, it not only saves time and money, but will lead to a more natural look.


With it being so thick, I found that I hated it as a way to contour, or even to draw on the triangles that blend the eye and cheek area. I really try to work the product in different directions to cover the pores, but you could still see them with this and it just looks and feels so heavy. With all the other options out there for contouring, I feel that you could find a much cheaper and more natural alternative.


When it comes to using this around the eyes, I appreciate that it dries to a matte finish and that you can skip the setting powder, which tends to age the eye area. While people claim that they bake with this stuff, I found that it left my skin looking very cakey. Even without setting powder, it doesn’t crease, but it does show those little lines close to your lashes. However, that’s not a complete surprise for such a thick concealer.


This concealer outlasts anything I’ve used in the past. This is especially impressive because I don’t set it. Even when wiping away my swatch comparison, I could see that it likes to stick around and it took some rubbing to get it all off. With concealer being such a crucial step in my makeup routine, I need something that isn’t going to fade throughout the day. Another plus.


So, because this concealer dries very quickly, I recommend using this in one area at a time and blending it out as you go. Using a damp sponge left me with the best finish until it came to the under eye area, where it left things a little patchy. I opt for using my ring finger so I can get into those deep crevices around my eye. Usually, because I don’t care for the thick texture, I will first use my Maybelline Fit Me concealer around the eyes, down the cheeks and on sides of my nose. I then apply the Shape Tape only to my hollows, being careful not to bring too much product up to the lash line, which will accentuate those little wrinkles.


If you have stubborn circles or other pigmentation issues, you will love this stuff. If you’re lucky enough to get away with using a lighter product, do so. The Shape Tape may last longer, but even without setting powder on top, it still looks heavy. It’s not a perfect product, but I feel like it has to be thick in order to cover so well. For me, the benefits outweigh the negatives and it has become a staple in my routine.

Friggin’ dark circles…

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