A Complete Pumpkin Theme Tot School Lesson Plan

pumpkin theme lesson plan

pumpkin theme tot school
It’s time to plan for a week of pumpkin themed tot school!

I love fall. I know everyone says it, but I swear I love it WAY more than they do. I love it so much that I sleep in a bed of brightly colored crisp leaves from my backyard. Also, I put pumpkin spice into more than just lattes. I have pumpkin spiced toothpaste, lotion, eye drops and car gasoline.

It may be selfish of me, but I see tot school as another opportunity to completely submerge myself in the feeling of fall. There’s something so nostalgic about this particular season and who isn’t a sucker for nostalgia? I also want to make memories for my children in hopes that they continue to celebrate and make a big deal out of each season and holiday.  Some people may call it brainwashing… I call it love.

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