Hey there.

I’m Mina Mommy. At least that’s what my two-year-old son calls me. Grownups call me Yasmine. I don’t get to hear that name much these days. Kinda miss it…

I’m just another average mom, with a mediocre life, trying to do the best she can to ensure her children grow up feeling loved. I am absolutely not one of those Pinterest-perfect mommy bloggers out there, although I do have fun failing.

Nevertheless, I’m obsessed with this run-of-the-mill simple little life. Between the crying, diaper changes and headaches caused by the music set I just HAD to buy my toddler, there are hidden pockets of pure joy. They’re fleeting, but they have sustenance. Without them, there’s only terror cloaked in the cuteness of plump cheeks and a random train of thought.

Oddly enough, my greatest struggle has been accepting my desire for mediocrity. I used to feel guilty because I felt I should want more. More education, more prestige, more money and more adventure.

But that’s not who I am and I choose not to shame myself any longer. Being successful means being happy. And simply just being a mother makes me happy.

That being said, there are still plenty of days when I lock myself in the bathroom to cry. And I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one.mom humor

You see, even though I have a blog, I’m going to be straight with you…

When it comes to this mommy thing, I’m no expert. Not even close. And I don’t think any of us will ever perfect it.

But it’s cool.

Searching for and discovering solutions is what makes this journey interesting. Our paths may be different, but we’re all staggering, half-asleep and with mismatched shoes, towards the same destination. And because we’re on different paths, we have different discoveries, which instills valuable wisdom in us all.

By sharing it, we can help others to find simple solutions that will make their lives less stressful. This means leaving more time and energy to create and savor those pockets of joy, rather than having meltdowns in bathrooms. And that’s better for everyone.

I hope you’ll subscribe so we can keep in touch and discuss easy ways to streamline the work and reap the rewards: time with your family. You might even get to shower two days in a row. 😉

Best of luck to the mamas,